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For a floral tribute that blooms with breathtaking beauty, look no further. Send funeral flowers with us ' unbeatable selection of freshly arranged flowers for funerals and memorial services.

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Which flowers are appropriate for funeral?

Below are some of the most requested funeral flowers and the special message they convey.

Lilies. As one of the most popular floral choices for funerals, lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul of the departed.

Gladioli. ...

Carnations. ...

Chrysanthemums. ...

Roses. ...


What flowers represent death?

Pink carnations stand for remembrance of the deceased. White carnations symbolize untainted love and innocence. Funeral attendees may often spot mums in flower arrangements for funeral services. Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, carry several cultural meanings surrounding the death of a loved one.

Is it OK to bring flowers to a funeral?

It is appropriate to send flowers for the funeral, live plants that the family members can bring home later, or donations to the favorite charity of the deceased. The most important thing is to honor the wishes of the family. It's best not to bring flowers, plants, or donations with you to the funeral.

How much should you spend on flowers for a funeral?

Typically you can expect to pay in the region of $50.00 - $80.00 for a decent size floral arrangement. Specialist requests for name floral tributes or shaped wreaths can cost anything upwards of $100.00 and a large casket spray can cost between $250 - $700.

What can I write on funeral flowers for my husband?

Short funeral flower messages

Forever in our thoughts.

Gone but never forgotten.

Thinking of you always.

You will be sorely missed.

May you rest in peace.

With love and fond memories.

In loving memory.

Always in my heart.

Are funeral flowers addressed to the deceased?

When you are sending flowers to a relative or close friend, include a separate sympathy card as well. When sending flowers to be included in the funeral itself, the message should be addressed to the deceased rather than the family. Suitable messages include: “Dear …, may you rest in peace.”

Why are flowers used at funerals?

Modern Uses Of Flowers At Funerals. ... Since it can often be difficult for those mourning a death to put their feelings into words, flowers can act as an expression of love, comfort, sympathy and respect. Flowers also create a background of warmth and beauty, adding to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service.

What do you do with funeral flowers after a funeral?

Take home a floral arrangement. Too many flowers around the house can be overwhelming, but consider taking one or two bouquets home with you. ...

Preserve the funeral flowers. ...

Give away to family and friends. ...

Leave funeral flowers on the grave. ...

Donate the funeral flowers. ...

Make your own DIY potpourri.

How long do funeral wreaths last?

Fresh tributes can last a couple of weeks but this depends greatly on weather conditions and positioning, you can mist the flowers with a water sprayer to help keep them fresh. The artificial tributes can last 2-3 months or longer depending on weather conditions and positioning.

How do I send funeral flowers?

Send a spray, wreath, basket arrangement, bouquet in a vase, or a live plant if you are a close friend or colleague. Friends can send flowers directly to the funeral home or to the home of the family member that they wish to comfort, while business associates can have flowers delivered to the work of the family member.

What are the best flowers for funerals?

Lilies. As one of the most popular floral choices for funerals, lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul of the departed.

Gladioli. ...

Carnations. ...

Chrysanthemums. ...

Roses. ...


How long does a floral arrangement last?

Different types of flowers vary in how long they last. If you are seeking longer lasting flowers natives and lilies are a good choice eg natives can last for over 2 weeks. Most cut flowers last 5–7 days. However a lot is dependent on the freshness of the flowers and the care they are given.

How late can I order to make sure it gets there in time for the funeral service?

We can usually have an order delivered in about 4 hours after it is placed. You have until 1pm in the funeral home's time zone to place an order for same day delivery. We also ask that you place the order by 1pm the day prior for next day morning delivery. If it is an early morning delivery, please specify this in the 'Special Instructions' during Checkout.

Are you the actual local florist located near the funeral home? Who is Florist One?

No. We use our preferred local florist that is close to the funeral home to make the delivery. Florist One has been online since 1999. We've delivered over 1 million orders using trusted local florists.

What if my order is too late for delivery?

If flowers are not delivered, we will refund your money in full. We will ask you first if you'd like to deliver flowers to the family's home.

What is an appropriate size of arrangement to send?

Sizes of the arrangements are shown under the product description. Most of our arrangements are appropriately sized for a funeral home. An appropriate size depends on your situation. Arrangements generally fall into three categories:

Small - Under 16" - Table Arrangements, Baskets and some Plants

Medium - 16" to 30" - Baskets, Plants, some Table Arrangements

Large - Above 30" - Sprays, Wreaths, Hearts, Crosses, Casket Sprays

Will this get there before the visitation/service starts?

The local florist will communicate with the funeral director to make sure your arrangement is delivered at the appropriate time before the family arrives at the funeral.

Can you send me a picture so I know what is being sent?

We can make a request but cannot guarantee that the local shop will be able to accommodate this. You can place this as a request in 'Special Instructions' during Checkout.

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